About us

We are an online school that aims to provide students with the best education right from their home. We enroll students from nursery to grade 12 in any one of our two curriculums.

Our students receive up to 4 hours of daily live classes everyday (based on their grade level), throughout the school year. We offer our students a variety of different academic and non academic subjects that are taught by trained, experienced and passionate teachers.

Why does Regent Indian School work?

Live Classes

As a technology-driven online international school, we have developed our proprietary LMS for learners and parents. The classroom sessions are conducted live and complemented with immersive audio-visual elements, skill-building games and participatory sessions to help learners retain their attention in virtual live class meetings.

Small Classes

Our activity-based learning and inquiry-based approach ensure that our learners understand the concepts better and can apply them in practical settings. A healthy student-teacher ratio means every learner gets equal attention in the classroom.

Exceptional Curriculum

Our curriculum is internationally recognized, and is designed and delivered in such a way that learning is not a burden on children.

International Facilitators

Certified facilitators at Regent Indian School have undergone rigorous training to become experts in online education delivery.They all hold masters or PHD degrees from reputable universities such as IIT, IIM and such others.

All-rounded Development

Along with core subjects, we at Regent Indian School bring to the table many languages and capstone courses, including Computational Thinking and Coding, to help learners develop critical 21st-century skills.


We offer a flexible learning option with a world-class curriculum delivered by our highly qualified educators who give personalized attention to each learner for a better outcome. As an online learning community, we provide our learners with a holistic learning environment and loads of opportunity that is otherwise missing in traditional schools.


We maintain a healthy learners-to-facilitators ratio of 15-20 learners per educator. Through our continuous learning process, we focus on the professional development of our learners, and the development of our educators. We make sure quality of education is not compromised through continuous teacher training programmes and other such programmes.


We emphasize parental engagement when providing quality education to their children. Involvement of parents in their child’s progress and conducting workshops and seminars for them, are very beneficial for developing a better understanding and relationship between parents and educators and parents and children.

Although on our LMS you can track your child’s progress, we recommend parents to also supervise the academic progress at home, as this can help bring intervention faster and more seamlessly. Any immediate help that the child will need shall be communicated to the parent as soon as possible