Cambridge A/AS levels

Depending on their current interests, aspirations for further education, and future job pathways, students often desire to specialize more by the time they start studying the Cambridge Advanced programme. At this level, it is still feasible to study a variety of topics, resulting in a comprehensive program of study. Additionally, the co-curricular program can provide depth and balance to the educational process.

Although Cambridge does not specify a minimum age, the Cambridge International AS Level tests are typically taken at age 17 and the Cambridge International A Level examinations at age 18. Students typically take three or four subjects at a time. The curricula foster in-depth comprehension, critical thinking abilities, and independent research projects that get you ready for your future professional aspirations. Learners can pursue Cambridge AS/A Level either full-time or part-time. Under full-time, the learners will be studying any three of the following 17 subjects, with subject code prefixed.

The curriculum

  • 9706 Accounting
  • 9700 Biology
  • 9609 Business
  • 9701 Chemistry
  • 9618 Computer Science
  • 9708 Economics
  • 9093 English Language
  • 8695 English Language & Literature (AS Level Only)
  • 9695 English -Literature
  • 9696 Geography
  • 9489 History
  • 9626 Information & Technology
  • 9709 Mathematics
  • 9231 Mathematics (Further)
  • 9702 Physics
  • 9990 Psychology
  • 9699 Sociology
  • Other courses available on request