Clubs– Our students have access to some of the best clubs that have been made and designed by top educators and highly qualified professionals in the field.


Foundation programme– The goal of the supplemental program is to close the knowledge gap, improve your understanding of the fundamental academic concepts, and review the key concepts from the previous academic year in just 3 months. With the use of an organized digital curriculum appropriate for school, the unifying objective is to give kids a solid foundation in the fundamental academic skills and information they need to achieve in academics from the comfort of their own homes.

Foundation Programme Fees– 6,000 INR

Readers club– The readers club is the best place to be for your child. We teach students not only reading but also other essential English, language and public speaking skills throughout the year. This is a fun and interesting way for kids to learn and develop the love of reading that will stay with them throughout their life. Students can also participate in a number of different competitions throughout the year that will add to their motivation and interest level.

Readers Club Fees– 6,000 INR

Career clubs- We aim to enhance our learner’s journeys and prepare them for the 21st-century workspace. In an ever-changing world, we help ensure they make the right choice for their life and career. We have thus prepared several career programmes that will help students choose their career path with a basic knowledge on several different careers. As the students progress further we also introduce them to the career counselor who can then help them strengthen their choice.

Careers Club Fees– 7,000 INR

Sanskriti programme- The sanskriti programme is a flagship programme of the Regent Indian School. It is the perfect way to ground children to their roots in a fun and engaging way. Students learn mantras, shlokas, values, morals and mindfulness through the Bhagavad Gita. These classes are held by some of the most learned teachers in fun and engaging ways. There will be lots of dialog, discussion and activities for students to enjoy.

Careers Club Fees– 7,000 INR